Electric Rates

TVA Rate Increase Effective December 1, 2016


TVA recently increased its wholesale electric rate schedule, resulting in a system wide increase of about 1.5% to retail rates. The quick reference chart below shows electric rates to be used for January bills and these rates include TVA’s fuel cost.

Quick Reference of Rates Effective January 2017


  • Customer Charge $14.25
  • Energy Charge 9.556cents/kWh

General Power

GSA-1 (under 50 kW)
  • Customer Charge $21.54
  • Energy Charge 10.675 cents/kWh
GSA-2 (51-1000 kW)
  • Customer Charge $96.00
  • Energy Charge 10.408 cents/kWh for first 15,000 kWh
                                6.269 cents/kWh for all additional kWh
  • Demand Charge $12.88/kW for 51-1000 kW (no charge for first 50 kW)
GSA-3 (1001-5000 kW)*
  • Customer Charge $235.00
  • Energy Charge 6.254 cents/kWh
  • Demand Charge $12.29/kW for 0-1000 kW   
                                $13.16/kW for 1001-5000 kW
Security Light
 73 watt LED: $8.90 per month

Street and Outdoor Lighting
  Energy Charge: 6.628 cents/kWh, 11% Investment Charge

*Rates for Larger Customers are available upon request.
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TVA provides regulatory oversight for City of Alcoa's rates and service practice policies.  If you have an issue or complaint regarding your electric service that cannot be resolved by the City of Alcoa, TVA may be able to help.  There are three ways to begin the process: