Electric Rates

TVA Rate Increase Effective October 1, 2015

TVA recently changed its wholesale electric rate schedule and increased its rates as well. Additionally the City of Alcoa is increasing the monthly customer charge by $3 per month. This increase is needed to keep the City of Alcoa electric fund financially sound by improving declining net revenue and cash reserves which are projected to be below industry standards in the next few years. The City of Alcoa’s rates remain competitive with the residential customer charge of $14.25 per month below average for TVA’s distributors. The combined effects of these changes are shown in the following table. Rates to be effective October 1, 2015 are compared with existing rates including all charges except TVA’s monthly fuel cost. The quick reference chart shows electric rates to be used for October bills and these rates include TVA’s fuel cost.

View the Table of Electric Rates Before Fuel Adjustment - September 9, 2015 (PDF).

Quick Reference of Rates Effective September 2016


  • Customer Charge $14.25
  • Energy Charge 9.747 cents/kWh

General Power

GSA-1 (under 50 kW)
  • Customer Charge $21.54
  • Energy Charge 10.853 cents/kWh
GSA-2 (51-1000 kW)
  • Customer Charge $96.00
  • Energy Charge 10.595 cents/kWh for first 15,000 kWh   6.524 cents/kWh for all additional kWh
  • Demand Charge $13.55/kW for 51-1000 kW (no charge for first 50 kW)
GSA-3 (1001-5000 kW)*
  • Customer Charge $235.00
  • Energy Charge 6.513 cents/kWh
  • Demand Charge $12.95/kW for 0-1000 kW   $13.78/kW for 1001-5000 kW
Security Light
100watt HP Sodium: $7.02 per month

Street and Outdoor Lighting
Energy Charge: 6.915 cents/kWh, 11% Investment Charge

*Rates for Larger Customers are available upon request.
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