TVA Energy Right® Solutions

  1. 2015 Quality Contractor List (PDF)

    View the 2015 Quality Contractor list approved by Energy Right©.

  2. Conservation Kit Giveaway

    TVA has extended its conservation kit giveaway to Alcoa Electric customers who complete and return an Energy Right Home e-Valuation audit.

  3. Green Power Switch®

    Our program, Green Power Switch®, provides customers with the choice of paying a little more in order to support the production of green power produced from wind, solar energy, and methane gas.

  4. Home e-Score Program

    The Energy Right© Home e-Valuation is possibly the easiest way to find out how you're using energy around your home and get expert suggestions on how you could be using energy more efficiently.

  5. New Homes Program

    Since a home in the Energy Right® Solutions program controls heat loss and gain much better than other homes, you can look forward to year-round savings and comfort with consistent indoor air temperatures.

  6. Water Heater Rebates

    Alcoa Electric residential and small commercial customers can get a rebate when they purchase and install a new electric water heater.