New Homes Program

Since a home in the Energy Right® Solutions program controls heat loss and gain much better than other homes, you can look forward to year-round savings and comfort with consistent indoor air temperatures. You’ll spend less each month on energy bills, so you can have more to spend on other things that make life more comfortable. Plus, you can receive a rebate for your building your home energy right!

HERS System

The Energy Right® Solutions New Homes Program is based on the Home Energy Rating System (HERS), a point rating system. Depending on your home plan’s HERS rating, you may qualify for a special money saving rebate for building your home "energy right."

So, how can you make sure your home plan qualifies for the Energy Right® Solutions Program? First, plan to use electricity exclusively (exceptions include a gas cook-top or gas log fireplace). Then, make an appointment with us. We’ll use a special computer system to calculate your plan’s HERS rating, which must be at least 93 points to qualify for the program. What’s more, we’ll be able to suggest cost-effective ways to increase your home’s HERS rating, so you’ll lower your monthly electric bill.

The HERS rating is calculated using a variety of factors including:
  • The energy efficiency of your heat pump
  • The house’s design
  • How many windows you include
  • The type of doors and windows you use
  • The type of insulation in floors, ceilings, walls, and attics
  • Which direction the windows face

Prescriptive Standards

The New Homes Program's Prescriptive Standards (PDF) will be in affect for the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) New Homes Program. If deviations from these standards are made for your building project, TVA will do an inspection to see if your home qualifies for the rebate.

Built-In Savings

Building a home with energy right guidelines increases its long-term value, too. Just look at these benefits:
  • Enhanced home values
  • Reduced electric bills
  • Safe electric power
Plus, electrical power is renewable and better for the environment.


Incentives are available to builders or to home buyers who act as their own builders. To schedule your home for a TVA inspection, please contact Mindy Crisp at 865-380-4766 or by email to discuss the status of your building project. Alcoa Electric and TVA offer suggestions for builders in the early stages of construction, so we encourage you to call us in the beginning of your project, especially if you are new to the Energy Right® Solutions program.


  • Multi-Family Homes (sites with more than 3 dwellings per building) - $50 per unit
  • Single Family Homes - $150