Conservation Kit Giveaway

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) has extended its conservation kit giveaway to Alcoa Electric customers who complete and return an energy right Home e-Valuation audit. It only takes about 20 minutes to complete the survey, and then use the pre-addressed mailer to send the survey back to TVA.

Participants will receive a personalized, easy-to-read energy analysis illustrating their home’s overall energy use and cost. The analysis will include easy home improvements that can reduce your monthly energy bills. Customers will also receive a free Energy Efficiency Kit while supplies last. This kit includes:
  • Energy-use thermometer gauge
  • Filter whistle for air returns
  • Outlet and light switch gaskets
  • Two compact fluorescent light bulbs
  • Water saving faucet aerators
  • Water temperature card


You can request a mail-in audit from Mindy Crisp, CSR - TVA Programs Coordinator, by calling 865-380-4700 or by email.