eScore Home Energy Self Audit

eScore Self Audit Flyer
eScore Self Audit Money Saving Tips

Are your energy cost draining your budget?  The online eScore Self Audit tells you how to save money by saving energy.  It helps you identify how your home uses energy and the steps you can take that will yield the most money in energy savings.  
  • A FREE customized energy report laying out your strategy for eliminating energy waste.
  • A FREE energy savings kit with helpful money-saving tools, including outlet and light switch gaskets which reduce drafts and save energy.
  • A FREE $10 Home Depot gift card to use toward any of your energy-saving upgrades.
Go to now to find out how you can save money by talking the eScore Audit.  Once registered, click on the My Self Audit tab to begin.

You can also complete the self audit through the mail if you prefer.  Complete and submit the online Home eScore Request Form. An eScore Self Audit survey will be sent directly to your home.

More Information

If you would like more information on this and other Energy Right© programs, visit the Energy Right® Website. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mindy Crisp, CSR - TVA Programs Coordinator, by phone at 865-380-4766 or by email.