Tree Trimming and Planting

Alcoa Electric Department maintains over 1,000 miles of power lines to serve our customers. This task is hindered by the rapid growth of trees that can interfere with the flow of electricity or prevent access to the lines. When either occurs, the quality of service to you and other customers suffers. That is why Alcoa Electric must keep rights-of-way clear of obstructions.

If Your Trees Interfere With Power Lines

The power lines that provide electricity to your facilities are not insulated. When trees or other obstructions become entangled in these lines, they can cause outages and become safety hazards. If you notice tree limbs touching these lines, contact Alcoa Electric Department at 865-380-4890 or complete our Online Request Form. Our tree trimming personnel will investigate the site and remove tree limbs quickly or schedule the work for tree trimming crews. NOTE: Due to the high number of requests for this service, please allow up to several days for action on your request. 

Tree Trimming Specifications

The purpose of tree clearing specifications is to indicate recommended minimum tree clearance from energized conductors and associated equipment and also to list variables effecting such clearances. It is understood that minimum clearance will not be available in all instances without seriously deforming the tree. However, the objective of this tree clearing program is to acquire at least minimum clearances. Listed below is a guide to follow before service can be installed for a new building:
  • All leaning, dead, or otherwise dangerous trees that could reach the power line, must be cut.
  • All trimming to be continuous from first pole to last.
  • The customer is responsible for obtaining and cutting all rights of way, 20 feet wide for hardwoods and forty feet wide for pines.
  • Dogwoods, in most cases, would not have to be cut.
  • An employee of Alcoa Electric Department will inspect all trimming before any wire is installed.