Energy Saving Tips

Your Alcoa Electric Department electric rates are among the lowest in the entire country. Still, you can lower your power bills throughout the year with simple conservation steps provided by Tennessee Valley Authority’s Energy Website.

Seasonal Tips

  1. Cooking & Kitchen

    Find some tips to help save energy in the kitchen.

  2. Cooling

    Next to heating, cooling uses more energy than any other part of your home. View a list of energy-saving cooling tips.

  3. Dishwasher

    Learn how to use your dishwasher in the most energy-efficient way you can.

  4. Heating

    Learn more about resistance heat systems, electric heat pump systems, and other types of heating systems.

  5. High Bill Inquiry

    AED rates are steady and never fluctuate from one season to another. If you feel your bill is higher than you expected it to be, you may request a high bill inquiry.

  6. Insulation

    Learn how to apply caulk and other insulation to your home in a way that conserves energy down the line.

  7. Laundry

    Find tips on how to do laundry in your home in an energy-efficient manner.

  8. Lighting

    Find tips to help save energy when lighting your home.

  9. New Appliances

    When shopping for appliances, look for the most energy-efficient model in your price range.

  10. Refrigerators & Freezers

    Refrigerators use more energy than any other single appliance in your home. Learn how to mitigate this energy use in your home.

  11. Water Heater

    On average, water heating accounts for about 16% of your total energy costs. Find tips on how to conserve energy with your water heater.