Project Updates

TWACS Update - May 2014

The City of Alcoa Meter Services Division began installing an automated meter reading system in fall 2006. The system uses electronic, digital meters equipped with a two-way automated communication system (TWACS) module that can be read remotely by a central computer using the electric power lines.

The main reason for the change is to reduce meter reading costs and enable time of use rates if necessary in the future. Other customer benefits include reducing meter reading errors, assisting in restoration of service in power outages, and improved customer service.

There have been approximately 27,700 digital TWACS meters installed. All residential and small commercial meters are TWACS with only 200 - 300 left to replace. Currently Alcoa Electric serves about 27,900 active customers. The remaining meters are in larger, mostly non-residential metering systems which involve other peripheral equipment. Many are digital but not yet TWACS equipped. These will be automated as resources come available.

Background Information

  • Are not wireless devices, do not use radios to transmit data rather existing power lines are used
  • Comply with all required industry and government standards
  • Have no ability to monitor appliances or activity within the home
  • Only total house electric consumption and power quality data is securely collected, State law protects the release of hourly data that is collected
  • Reduces company vehicles, fuel consumption and emissions and provide environmental and safety benefits
We would like to express thanks to the employees of meter services, and all of their hard work in making this transformation possible!

For more information please call 865-380-4700.