Development Information

The Development Review Team includes departmental staff representing Planning and Codes, Engineering, Electric and Fire. The team reviews processes such as:
  • Annexations
  • Building plans
  • Land use and appeals
  • Site development and/or redevelopment plans
  • Subdivision plats
  • Zoning and rezoning
The team activities are coordinated by the Planning and Codes Department under the guidance of the Planning and Codes Director. Planning staff compiles review comments and makes recommendations to the Alcoa Regional/Municipal Planning Commission, Board of Commissioners, Board of Zoning Appeals and Board of Adjustments. As an initial point of advisement, planning staff may be contacted to discuss zoning, land use, annexation and other development related issues. Referrals will be made to other appropriate departments.
  1. 2025 Comprehensive Plan

    The goal of planning for the future development of a city, or area, is to intervene in the private decisions to construct buildings in order to protect such widely shared public values as health, safety, environmental quality, social equality and aesthetics. A comprehensive plan serves that function.

  2. Development Contact List

    Find out who you need to contact for various development tasks and services.

  3. FEMA Flood Information

    This FEMA Flood Insurance Study (FIS) includes flood risk data for areas of Blount County including the City of Alcoa that will be used to establish actuarial flood insurance rates.

  4. HOME Grant Program

    Learn more about the HOME Grant Program and how to apply.

  5. Knox-Blount-Alcoa-Maryville Greenway Master Plan

    View the regional Greenway Master Plan in PDF document form.

  6. Review, Completion & Occupancy Forms

    Find necessary documents for plan review, completion, and occupancy.

  7. Signage

    A Sign Permit is necessary when an occupant wishes to erect or change a ground and/or building mounted sign at his or her place of business.

  8. Smart Growth America

    As a national leader in the field, Smart Growth America has accumulated extensive experience working with communities to help them use land strategically, make the most of existing resources and invest strategically to catalyze private development.

  9. Standards for Land Subdivision

    Land subdivision is the first step in the process of community development. Once land has been cut up into streets, lots and blocks and publicly recorded, the correction of defects is costly and difficult.

  10. Zoning & Land Use Control

    View the City of Alcoa's ordinances regarding zoning and land use control.