Emergency Medical Service

In partnership with Rural/Metro Ambulance Company, the Alcoa Fire Department utilizes a First Responder program to provide medical treatment inside the City of Alcoa.

Services Provided

The Alcoa Fire Department provides Basic Life Support (BLS) responding from 3 stations with 4 fire companies. All personnel are required to be trained at a minimum of Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) - Basic level with the department having 17 personnel trained at the Advanced EMT and 1 Paramedic levels. We also have 10 American Heart Association certified Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) / Automated External Defibrillator (AED) / Basic Life Support (BLS) instructors.

What the First Responders Do

If a citizen or visitor experiences a medical emergency, trauma, or motor vehicle accident, the nearest fire company is dispatched to the scene. The responding fire company will respond with a minimum 2 EMTs, one of which will be an Advanced EMT or Paramedic. Once on scene, we will begin incident scene stabilization, patient assessment, treatment of the current illness or injury and begin to prepare for patient transport to an emergency facility.

Some wonder why a fire engine or ladder company responds to a medical emergency. The answer is this, most of the time we are much closer to the call than the ambulance. Our expedient response will facilitate a much faster treatment time, thus provide a better outcome for the patient. We begin the assessment and treatment process, and then the Paramedics from Rural / Metro continue the process.

Partnership & Community Service

In 2014, the Alcoa Fire Department responded to over 1,200 medical calls inside the City of Alcoa. As with many departments across the country, Emergency Medical Service (EMS) accounts for the majority of our call volume. To serve the citizens and visitors to the City of Alcoa, we have identified EMS as the primary call for service and have placed an emphasis on service delivery and training. In cooperation with Rural / Metro Ambulance, the men and women of the Alcoa Fire Department spend many hours training on procedures, protocol, assessment and treatment. It is our goal to provide the best, most up to date service possible to our citizens and visitors.