Utilities & Billing

In this section of the website, you can learn about our utility billing process along with many other services we offer through the City of Alcoa. Please browse through the valuable information presented as it will help you understand how your bill could be affected by factors such as the weather. You can also check out our handy Electricity Saving Tips.

As always, if you have any questions regarding your bill or our payment processing, please call our offices at 865-380-4700.
  1. Budget Billing

    As of June 1, 2009, the Budget Bill Program is currently suspended for any new applicants. At this time new applications are not being accepted.

  2. Calculating Your Electric Bill

    Find out how to calculate your own monthly electric bill.

  3. Electrical Permits

    Find out how to obtain an electrical permit from the City of Alcoa.

  4. Electricity Rates

    View a schedule of rates and charges for the City's electric service.

  5. How Weather Affects Your Bill

    Weather is the biggest reason for fluctuations in your bill. On average, 55 - 60% of your bill is made up of heating and cooling costs.

  6. Pay Your Bill

    There are a number of ways to pay your City utility bills, including online, in person, or by mail.

  7. Privacy & Refund Policy

    View our privacy and refund policy for utility billing.

  8. Programs & Services

    The Alcoa Electric Department offers a variety of services to help you create a safer, more energy efficient home or business environment.

  9. Request a High Bill Inquiry

    There are three main reasons why your bill might be higher than you expect it to be: weather, faulty equipment, and lifestyle changes. Alcoa Electric can work with you to determine if any of these reasons have had an impact on your electric bill.

  10. Understanding Your Bill

    Learn about the utility billing cycle, and how to read your utility bill when you receive it.