1. Introducing Your Product

    The Purchasing and Warehousing Division maintains an "open door" policy to all companies and citizens in the purchasing of products and services. Therefore, it is important to both you and the City that your product or service be introduced in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

  2. Removal From Vendor/Bidder List

    View a list of reasons that a vendor may be temporarily or permanently removed from the vendor list.

  3. Vendor/Bidders Lists

    The Purchasing and Warehousing Division maintains lists of qualified vendors on "Bidders Lists" associated with the various solicitations that it issues.

  4. Vendor Registration

    Alcoa is pleased to now offer free and easy online vendor registration, powered by the Vendor Registry service.

  5. Vendor Responsibility

    View a list of vendor responsibilities when doing business with the City of Alcoa.

  6. Vendor Visitation

    When seeking to do business with the City of Alcoa, the Purchasing and Warehousing Division should be your first point of contact. Unscheduled visits to individual departments are discouraged and may be counter-productive.