Stormwater Board of Appeals

Regular Meetings

  • Meetings are held as needed.
  • City of Alcoa Municipal Building
    Commission Chambers
    223 Associates Boulevard
    Alcoa, TN 31107


Term Length
First Appointed
Term Expires
Wayne Davis, Ph.D., Serves in capacity as experienced in engineering
3 Years
November 10, 2009
September 7, 2024
Lynn S. Bolton, Development and Industrial Community Representative
3 Years
September 8, 2009
September 8, 2023 
Bruce D. Damrow, Member at Large
3 Years
September 8, 2009
September 7, 2025
Updated 03/28/2023      

About the Board

The City's Stormwater Board of Appeals consists of three Alcoa citizens appointed by the Board of Commissioners to hear appeals filed by any person appealing a utility fee, civil penalty or damage assessment, or appealing/requesting a variance for other action imposed pursuant to stormwater related ordinances.

The Board of Commissioners shall select appointees so that the ASBA will consist of individuals with an expertise as follows:

  1. One licensed professional engineer with three (3) years of civil or environmental engineering experience as a professional engineer;
  2. One representative of the development or industrial community;
  3. One member at large;
  4. In addition to the above qualifications one through four, one of the three members must have at least three years civil or environmental engineering experience.
  5. Any member may be actively employed or a retiree.

Authorized By

Ordinance No. 08-153; Originated February 12, 2008

Staff Contact

Roger Fields
Stormwater Coordinator 
Phone: 865-380-4800