Residential Service

How to Sign Up for New Utility Service

  1. Complete and bring in the Application for Service.
  2. Bring two forms of valid identification (one must be a photo ID) and address of new location.
  3. If you are renting, a rent receipt or lease agreement is required. If you are the homeowner, we prefer that you bring in copies of your closing papers. All documents must reference the same individual signing up for service.
  4. To obtain service, the applicant will pay a $25 Service Connect Fee and a deposit. For residential customers, the deposit can be credited to your account if you pay your monthly utility bill on time consecutively for 12 months.
  5. The deadline for same day service is Noon (Noon Eastern Standard Time).


In additions to the $25 Service Connect Fee, the residential deposits are as follows:
  • $175 for electric
  • $40 for water
  • $60 for sewer
Commercial and industrial deposits are set at two times the highest bill.

TVA provides regulatory oversight for City of Alcoa's rates and service practice policies.  If you have an issue or complaint regarding your electric service that cannot be resolved by the City of Alcoa, TVA may be able to help.  There are three ways to begin the process:

Our Location

To sign up for service, you must visit our business office at the City of Alcoa Municipal Building at 223 Associates Boulevard in the Springbrook Corporate Center with the information listed above.

Please call our business office at 865-380-4700 to speak with a New Service Representative if you have any questions.