Surge Protection Program

Protect your home and electrical equipment from power surges by signing up for the Surge Protection Program. There are three main causes for power surges in your home: lightning, equipment in and around your home, and accidents that bring down power lines.

For a one-time purchase price of $250 plus tax ($274.38), which includes installation of the TESCO device, you will have piece of mind knowing your appliances are protected from most damaging surges. Protection at the meter base is installed by Alcoa Electric Department. In the case of an event or damage occurs as a result of an electrical surge, it is the Customer's responsibility to notify us and file their own claim. The TESCO warranty is applicable for 10 years.

For more information or to sign up for the program, please review the documents below, or call the City of Alcoa Electric Department at 865-380-4700.

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