Green Power Switch®

In partnership with the Tennessee Valley Authority, Alcoa Electric offers customers the opportunity to purchase green power. Our program, Green Power Switch®, provides customers with the choice of paying a little more in order to support the production of green power produced from wind, solar energy, and methane gas - three sources available here in the Tennessee Valley.        
Green power is electricity generated from renewable resources, such as wind, solar, methane gas, small hydro power or geothermal energy, some of the cleanest sources for energy available. By choosing to participate in the program, consumers are helping to protect the environment. The monthly cost of green power is just $4 for every 150 kilowatt-hours.

The environmental impact of buying two blocks of clean energy ($8 per month) for a year is equal to:
  • Recycling 1,766 pounds of newspaper.
  • Recycling 480 pounds of aluminum, or 15,322 aluminum cans.
If you would like more information about the program, please visit the Green Power Switch® Website. Residential customers can sign up below. For commercial and business accounts, please call 865-380-4766.

Sign Up Now!

You can buy Green Power Switch® in 150 kilowatt-hour blocks. Each block you sign up to purchase will add $4 to your monthly power bill, and you can buy just one block or as many as you like. The green power you pay for will be added to TVA’s electric system as part of the Valley’s total power mix. To sign up for this service, please complete and submit our online Green Power Switch® Form.