Where To Plant

Trees can certainly add beauty to a home and its surrounding property, and they also can serve practical functions. Alcoa Electric Department strives to inform our customers about selecting and planting trees that help them avoid potential interference with power lines.

Because different trees have different mature heights, special attention must be paid to where you plant each tree. Planting the right trees in the right place will enhance property value and prevent costly maintenance trimming and damage to your home. Low growing trees will not reach electric lines and, therefore, will not create power outages to you or your neighbors.

Power Line-Friendly Trees

To help you in deciding the best trees to plant around power lines, we have provided a Fact Sheet (PDF) with the best trees to plant. You can find many of these trees at your local nursery or home improvement store.

Right Tree Right Place
Transformer warning tag COLOR (002)

Underground transformer showing trimming clearances2

Tree Trimming methods Before and After
Image of tree & pole & trimming clearance standards - distribution circuits

Image of tree & pole showing tree trimming clearance standards - secondary lines
Image showing customer responsible tree trimming standards
Image showing customer responsible tree trimming (S2)
Image of pole, tree, & house showing customer responsible tree trimming - S3
Image showing vegetation clearance for down guy anchor

Image showing tree trimming clearance standards for transmission lines - 69 poles
  More Resources

You can find out more on proper tree planting and access valuable resources about the benefits of trees by visiting these websites: