Leaf Collection

Leaves are collected under Bulky Waste Collection throughout the year. Additionally, the Sanitation Division also provides leaf pickup during designated times in the Fall, from mid-October through mid-January and again in the spring in mid-March. Bagging of leaves is not required during these two collection periods.

Residents are asked to separate leaves from other wastes (brush, demolition debris, etc.) and place them near the street for collection. Leaves should be placed behind the street’s curb or shoulder fronting the homeowners’ property. Please do not rake leaves into the street. Raking leaves into the street obstructs the view and passage of motorists and clogs the City’s storm sewer systems.

If there is a legitimate reason the homeowner cannot place leaves behind their curb or ditch, or if there are other questions concerning leaf collection, please call the Alcoa Public Works Department at 865-380-4815 or 865-380-4800.

Sanitation workers pickup up leaves curbside