Field Operations

  1. Criminal Investigations 
  2. Patrol Division

The Criminal Investigations Section is a specialized unit with the responsibility of handling those investigations that require special expertise, or because of their complexity or geographical considerations do not lend themselves readily to completion by patrol officers.

Patrol officers selected for a detective position receive extensive training in criminal investigations, evidence recovery, interviews and interrogations. In some cases, an investigator may specialize in a specific area such as child sexual abuse or crime scene processing.

Staffing & Detective Borden at his deskHours

The unit is currently staffed with five sworn officers, consisting of one lieutenant, one sergeant, three detectives. The unit is augmented with an officer from the patrol division who is assigned to the Fifth Judicial Drug Task Force.

All detectives are subject to be called in for duty 24 hours a day. At a minimum, each detective is also required to perform after hours, on-call duty on a seven-day rotating schedule.

Additional Duties

The Criminal Investigation Section handles approximately 500 cases per year, as well as a host of other duties such as, but not limited to:

  • Assistance of patrol officers in the conduct of their investigations
  • Background investigations for applicants of beer permit licenses
  • Investigative support for the district attorney
  • Liaison to other law enforcement agencies

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Evidence and Property

The effective investigation and prosecution of a criminal offender relies heavily on the careful, methodical and proper use of evidence. It is the responsibility of the Alcoa Police Department to maintain not only the integrity of each item of evidence, but the integrity of the chain of custody as well. The careful safeguards in place ensure all property coming into their possession is processed in accordance with state laws, city ordinances and departmental policies and procedures, and helps ensure the items value later in court.

Return of Property to Owners (Including Evidence)

The Criminal Investigations Section is the caretaker of property and responsible for its return to its proper owners as follows:

  • Property is returned by appointment only; please call 865-981-4111, ext. 5278 for an appointment.
  • For items of evidence to be returned, proof that the court has approved the return of the item and your photo ID must be provided.
  • For all other property, a photo ID and any documentation confirming that you own the property must be provided. In the event that there is no paperwork proving ownership, you must be able to properly describe the property you are claiming.

Property Auctions

Property auctions occur on an as needed basis. The Alcoa Police Department participates in the GovDeals government surplus auction program. Please check their website for available property.