Water Treatment Plant

One of the most critical services provided by the Alcoa Public Works and Engineering Department is the delivery of safe drinking water. Toward that end, the Water Treatment Plant employees operate Alcoa’s Water Treatment Plant (WTP) located on Sam Houston School Road. With a rated capacity of 16 million gallons per day, the Alcoa WTP is the largest membrane water filtration plant in Tennessee. It serves the City’s 10,000+ water customers (households and businesses) plus the Tuckaleechee Utility District. Water is also provided on an as-needed basis to the City of Maryville and the Knox Chapman Utility District. Plant personnel consistently deliver water that meets all applicable State and Federal regulations.

Alcoa Water Treatment Plant

An aerial view of the Alcoa Water Treatment Plant.

Water Treatment Plant Staff

As part of a nationwide peer-review process, the Alcoa WTP is a member of the Partnership for Safe Water. The Partnership is a voluntary effort sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the American Water Works Association. The goal of this common sense cooperation is to provide a new measure of safety by implementing prevention programs where legislation or regulations do not exist. The preventative measures are based on optimizing treatment plant performance and thus increasing protection against microbial contamination in the drinking water supply. In addition to being safe, the water provided by the Alcoa personnel is available at rates that are among the lowest in East Tennessee.

In addition to the WTP operators, the Water Treatment Plant includes the department’s maintenance electricians and plumbers. Their responsibilities include a full range of critical operations including the City’s water and sewage pump stations as well as the City’s traffic control signals. Finally, the plant employees also serve as after-hours dispatchers for all Public Works and Engineering operations. The Water Treatment Plant staff includes a total of 14 employees and is led by T.J. Emory, Water Treatment Plant Supervisor.

Want to Tour the Water Treatment Plant?

Tours of the Plant and other facilities may be scheduled by contacting T.J. Emory at 865-380-4921.
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