Code Services

Assistance to Citizens

Staff assists customer’s with questions regarding new construction, additions, repairs, remodeling, walk-through and permitting procedures; provides information regarding foundation surveys, elevation certificates for floodplain areas, and permitting procedures for construction of principal and accessory structures, including swimming pools, decks, fences and accessory structures; investigates citizen complaints regarding overgrown lots, housing conditions, abandoned vehicles and procedures for compliance thereof.

Issuance of Permits

Our staff handles permit application, approval, and issuance.


Conducted by appointment, 24-hour advance notice, which include footers, framing, preliminary gas/mechanical, plumbing, final gas/mechanical and final inspection for certificate of occupancy. All permit fees must be paid before an inspection can be scheduled. Call the staff for an appointment. Electrical inspections are performed by State Inspector Blake Henegar and must be scheduled by calling 865-981-4115.

Fire & Safety Inspections

The Staff works jointly with the Alcoa Fire Department in conducting fire and safety inspections. These inspections occur on a scheduled basis or when there is a change in occupancy in a building. New commercial plans are reviewed and construction is inspected to ensure compliance with fire codes. Codes staff will contact the appropriate fire personnel for inspections.

Plumbing and Gas/Mechanical Contractor Licensing

The Staff requires all plumbing work to be licensed and to obtain permits for any work. Permits are also issued for all gas/mechanical work.

Residential Housing Construction

Pursuant to TCA 62-6-103, a property owner, acting as his own contractor, may be permitted to construct up to one personal residence per two years without a license. There shall be a rebuttable presumption that such person or firm intends to construct for the purpose of resale, lease, rent or any other similar purpose if more than one application is made for a permit to construct a single residence or if more than one single residence is constructed within a period of two years.