Emergency Management

The City of Alcoa Fire Department is the agency of city government charged with the responsibility for insuring the city and all departments are prepared to deal with the disasters and emergencies that affect the city and its citizens.

Each day, hundreds of emergencies take place across the state. Occasionally, those emergencies will exceed the technical or logistical capacity of local government, and may require the assistance of the state and/or federal governments. It is the Fire Department's job to coordinate the application of state and federal resources suffering in the shortest amount of time possible.

Emergency Coordinator

Deputy Chief Colin Hurst has the responsibility for coordinating emergency management programs within the City of Alcoa. During emergency operations, the coordinator is responsible for the proper functioning of the emergency operation center. The coordinator also acts as a liaison with other local, state, and federal emergency management agencies.

The office of emergency management works hand in hand with all City of Alcoa departments to ensure the lives and property of our citizens is protected from man-made or natural disasters.

Disasters & Emergencies Responded To

Emergency management responds to natural disasters such as tornadoes, floods and severe winter storms along with technological emergencies such as fires, plane crashes, and chemical releases.

For More Information

For more information on emergency management or homeland security contact Deputy Chief Colin Hurst by email or phone at 865-380-4997.