Fire Education

Fire Safety House

The mobile Scotty Fire Safety House can come to your location for fire safety or weather awareness training.

Imagine you or your child awakens one night to find your home filling with smoke. What do you do?

If you have visited the fire safety house, you will have the skills that can potentially save your life. Using our fire safety house, we instruct visitors on burn prevention, exit plans, smoke detector maintenance, kitchen safety and how to call for assistance in the event of an emergency.
Children at a Fire Education event

Mobile Classroom

The mobile classroom is specially designed to aid in the instruction of fire safety techniques through fun, safe simulation of common hazards. Our fire safety house is equipped with a kitchen, bedroom and living room complete with seating for approximately 20 students.

The fire safety house fills with nontoxic water based smoke. This realistic environment teaches students to crawl low to safety and have an exit plan. A heated door assists students in choosing the correct exit.

Severe Weather Programs

Severe weather programs are also conduced with a slight change in the fire safety house. During the weather simulation, students experience a real life tornado complete with lightning, sounds of the storm and power failure.

Tour Scheduling

The City of Alcoa Fire Department provides public fire education to all groups in the community from preschool to senior citizen groups. All tours are fun and educational with each tour conducted at appropriate material for the age group.

To schedule a visit or request a visit for your group call 865-380-4999 or email Fire Marshal Colin Hurst.