Notifications of Violations

Upon determination that a violation of the Alcoa Municipal Code has occurred, a Codes Enforcement Officer will initiate the following procedure:

  1. The Codes Enforcement Officer shall issue a Notice of Municipal Code Violation by mail, with return receipt requested, or by personal service, notifying the offending party that a violation has occurred and allowing the person 10 working days to correct or abate such violation. The notice shall clearly identify the property, the particular violation involved, the action necessary to correct it, and the time permitted for any such correction.
  2. Where, after issuance of a Notice of Municipal Code Violation, but prior to the commencement of any judicial proceedings, the Codes Enforcement Officer determines that the person in violation is making a diligent effort to comply with the requirements of the Notice said Officer may stay initiation of further enforcement actions pending full compliance.
  3. Upon making a finding that a diligent effort is not being made to comply with the Alcoa Municipal Code, the Codes Enforcement Officer shall cite the offending party to the proper court authority.