Calculating Your Electric Bill

It's possible, if you read your meter on the same day as your Alcoa Electric meter reader, to get a close approximation of your electric bill. To calculate your bill, you will need to take your usage for the month (in kilowatt hours) and multiply by the Energy Rate of, for example, 12.043 cents per kilowatt hour. Add this to your monthly customer charge (currently a flat rate of $19.25 for all Alcoa Electric residential customers) to get your total monthly charge.


Energy Used Last Month (kWh)
(the number you read on your meter)
Charge per kWh (Residential)x $0.12043 
Total Energy Charge$175.95
Add Monthly Customer Charge (Flat Fee)+ $19.25
Total Monthly Bill$195.20
If you have questions about your bill, please call us at 865-380-4700 during regular business hours. For a list of current electric rates, visit our Electric Rates Page.