Request a High Bill Inquiry

Alcoa Electric strives to keep rates steady from one season to another. Year in and year out, electric power remains a cost effective way to heat and cool your home, heat your water, provide lighting, and power appliances.

Reasons for a High Bill

There are three main reasons why your bill might be higher than you expect it to be.


Changes in the weather during the winter and summer months can have a tremendous impact on your electric bill. You can also learn more online about How Weather Affects Your Bill.

Faulty Equipment

Problems with your central heat and air system can make your bill go up. Problems with your water heater, such as water leaks, or the element burning out can cause the water heater to have to work more often. Other problems such as faulty or disconnected ductwork can lead to heat loss, resulting in higher bills.

Lifestyle Changes

Changes in your lifestyle can increase the amount of your electric bill. The addition of energy consuming items, the addition of people to your home, or the addition of new floor space can cause your bill to go up.

High Bill Inquiry

Alcoa Electric can work with you to determine if any of these reasons have had an impact on your electric bill. You can make a high bill inquiry now by calling an Alcoa Electric customer service representative at 865-380-4700.

You can also use the TVA EnergyRight® DIY Home Energy Assessment to help identify how your home uses energy and the steps you can take that will yield the most money in energy savings.