Recreation & Community Buildings

In 1930, a large number of unemployed residents within the City of Alcoa were liable under then-existing tax laws to pay $5 road tax or five days’ labor on the city streets. A major portion of the labor used in the construction of the Springbrook Pool was that of individuals who were "paying their road tax."

This project also provided employment opportunities for individuals after their obligation for the tax had been paid since the construction took place at the start of the Depression. The pool opened for operation in the early summer of 1931.
A postcard advertising the formerly-named "Alcoa Municipal Swimming Pool."
The pool is still in use today at the corner of Vose Road and Faraday Street near the Alcoa Duck Pond. The area between the pool and the Duck Pond was formerly a lily pond prior to the land being used as part of the Greenway Trail.
The Hall Community Pool served the black community from 1952 until 2005 when it was removed.
The Charles M. Hall Swimming Pool was built by the city in Hall Park in 1952. This recreational facility served the African-American residents until its removal in 2005.

In the early planning for the City, the Aluminum Company and the Babcock Company realized the importance of recreation areas for residents. It was planned to have approximately one acre of parkland for each 100 of the population. This plan has continued to be a focal point for planners over the years as the City grows.
A new building in the Hall Community is the Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center. The Center includes features to accommodate activities and events throughout the year and is available for use through Alcoa-Maryville-Blount County Parks and Recreation.

Another building of importance to Alcoa is the Alcoa City Center, located off Watt Street in the Hall Community. The City Center was originally Hall School and then became the Alcoa Middle School. With doctor’s offices, Lincoln Memorial University (LMU) educational programs, and meeting space, this facility will continue to grow and serve the community as needs change.
A black and white photo of a youth baseball team.
Sports in Alcoa are a popular activity for youngsters. In this 1956 team of 12-year-old baseball players are Managers Tucker Reese (left) and Morzena Knighton (right). Standing players from left are R.J. Miller, Wade Houston, Mackie Bradfrod, Bud Walden, John Jones, and C.A. Houston. Sitting players from left are Glenn Cook, Dwayne Shockley, Logan Hill, Alvin Barton, Paul Sudderth, Donnie Comas, Rufus Montgomery, and "Hot Dog" Brabson.