Bid Opening Process

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All formal bids are opened and read publicly at the Purchasing and Warehousing Division, 725 Universal Street, Alcoa, Tennessee, on the date and at the time shown in the RFB / RFP/ RFQ/ RFLI.

All responses are read aloud. A cordial invitation is extended to bidders/ proposers, salespersons, the media, and the interested public to attend "bid openings."

Tabulations & Awards

If applicable, all formal bids are reviewed and tabulated by either the Purchasing and Warehousing Division or the participating Department representative for evaluation approval by the requesting department.

Upon submission of the evaluation and recommendation, the City Commission is the ultimate award authority with said award going to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder or to the proposal deemed most advantageous or refer for additional review of the bid tabulation/proposal summary and recommendation. The City reserves the right to award item by item or some or all items proposed, whichever is in the best interest of the City.

After the award has been made, the City will issue a Purchase Order and/or contract to the successful bidder. The City's acceptance of the bidder's offer by the issuance of a Purchase Order or contract agreement creates a binding contract between the vendor and the City.

All successful bidders are required to perform in accordance with the contract, purchase order, specifications, terms and conditions, or be liable to the City for any damages caused by the bidder.

Once a Purchase Order has been issued and/or contract agreement has been signed, no changes may be made in the terms and conditions of the original bid submitted and accepted on goods and services under no circumstances should a vendor fill an order for any City department without a purchase order. The City is under no obligation to pay any vendor for delivery of goods or services without receipt of a purchase order.

The Purchasing and Warehousing Division has been authorized to accept bids awarded by the State of Tennessee, and any other government jurisdiction located within the State of Tennessee that utilizes a competitive bidding process similar to the City of Alcoa, without the requirement of local bidding, such acceptance is known as "piggybacking."

Right to Reject Bids

The City of Alcoa reserves the right to reject any or all bids or any part of any bid and to waive irregularities. Any provision which if changed or waived would materially change the bid cannot be waived.

The City reserves the right to accept or reject any specific item or group of items on a bid unless the vendor states that the entire bid or any subgroup must be accepted in total. However, if in the City of Alcoa’s terms and conditions and overall specification of the bid in question call for bids that may be split depending upon item or items bid then the vendor with the above condition is judged non compliant to the specification and further judged to be Non Responsive. In such cases, the vendor in question will have his/her bid response thrown-out of consideration. Such bids are commonly found on multi-item blanket purchases of stock or other City of Alcoa warehouse inventory items. If a vendor finds that he has made a mistake in his bid, he may correct the error before the date and the set time for bid opening.