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    Blount County Intergovernmental Public Advisory - Governor's Order to Stay Home

    In response to the Governor’s Executive Order Number 22 issued March 30, local government leaders of Blount County, the cities of Maryville, Alcoa, Friendsville and Townsend, and the towns of Rockford and Louisville are issuing a joint statement Read on...
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    Cities Temporarily Alter Utility Policies Due to COVID-19

    In anticipation of the growing hardship posed by the economic effects of the COVID-19 Coronavirus, City of Alcoa and City of Maryville electric, water and wastewater utilities suspended cut-offs and new late fees from March 25 until April 23. Read on...
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    City of Alcoa Garbage and Recyclng Pickup

    The City of Alcoa Public Works & Engineering Department in conjunction with Waste Connections of Tennessee are working hard to continue to provide uninterrupted service as we navigate the COVID-19 impacts. Read on...
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After a purchase order has been awarded to a vendor, four steps remain before the transaction is completed. These are:
  1. Delivery and acceptance of goods or services
  2. Report of receipt of goods or services by using department
  3. Billing by the vendor
  4. Payment by the City


An official City Purchase Order is your authorization to begin deliveries. All shipments to the City of Alcoa must be made to the location indicated on the purchase order. Deliveries may be required to be made to different departments and divisions located in various parts of the City. Acceptance of delivery is based upon inspection and approval by the receiving department. The purchase order number must appear on the shipping or delivery ticket. Failure to meet specified delivery schedules may result in cancellation of the order.

Partial Deliveries

A delivery normally must be made in the exact quantity called for on the Purchase Order. Partial deliveries, however, are required and accepted in some instances. The City will make payment on partial deliveries whenever authorized by the using department and will follow the same procedure as for full deliveries. In the case of any partial delivery, the shipping ticket and invoices must indicate the quantity being delivered and not the quantity ordered by the City.

Vendor’s Invoices

All invoices must be addressed and mailed to:
City of Alcoa
Department of Finance
Accounting Division/Accounts Payable
223 Associates Boulevard
Alcoa, Tennessee 37701

Invoices should not be sent to the using department or to the Purchasing Department. To do so may delay payment. To ensure prompt payment, invoices must show:
  1. Purchase Order Number
  2. Complete descriptions of the goods or services furnished
  3. Unit and total prices as stated on the Purchase Order and freight charges, if any
  4. Quantity
  5. Remittance address
  6. Federal Employer I.D. Number or Social Security Number
  7. Name of department receiving the commodities
In addition, the invoice should include the vendor's invoice number. Invoices without the Purchase Order number will be returned to the vendor and will unnecessarily delay payment. Packing slips and/or delivery receipts must accompany delivery and will be used to verify invoices.


The vendor receives payment from the City after delivery and acceptance of the goods, or services and after he has submitted an original and one copy of an invoice for his goods or services. Authorized City personnel from the using department will furnish the Accounts Payable division with evidence that the commodities or services have been received and accepted. The invoice with the Purchase Order Number is matched with the City's receiving documentation and a copy of the purchase order. A check is then issued for the amount due the vendor. The City makes every effort to make payments against properly documented invoices within 30 days. In the event there is a delay in payment, vendors should contact the department ordering the goods or services. Special arrangements may be made for payment by the City of Alcoa VISA account if desired.