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    Sewer Rehabilitation: Vera Drive Closure

    The City of Alcoa announces sewer rehabilitation work that will necessitate the closure of Vera Drive between Mildred Circle and Marti Lane for approximately one month, starting Monday, June 27, and ending Friday, July 22, 2022. Read on...
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    Road Closure on McBath Road

    Southern Site Contractors informed the City of Alcoa that a portion of McBath Road from Topside Road to E. Old Topside Road will be closed starting Thursday, June 23. Read on...
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    TVA Step 10 and 20 Implementation

    6/22/22: Looks like we have another few days of record setting temperatures this week. TVA has implemented ELCP Steps 10 and 20 again today Read on...
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    Reminder: FreedomFest 2022 Canceled

    The City of Alcoa reminds residents and visitors that there will not be a FreedomFest Celebration in June or July 2022. Read on...
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    Herbicide Treatment Scheduled for Duncan and Chandler Substations

    The City of Alcoa Electric Department (AED) announces a project set to begin in June and finish by late summer for herbicide treatment of invasive and overgrown species at Duncan and Chandler substations. Read on...
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Purchases of $25,000 or less are made on the open market. Whenever possible, these purchases are based on informal quotations, as follows:
  1. Purchases up to $2,500: A single "Best Quote" is obtained with most purchases delegated to responsible employees that employ the City "P" Card authority.
  2. Purchases over $2,500 and up to $10,000: Quotes are obtained from at least three suppliers. Quotations may be solicited by mail, telephone, fax or personal visits by salespersons.
  3. Purchases for more than $10,000 require a formal Solicitation on the part of the City. Such purchases of supplies, goods, equipment and contractual services (except as otherwise provided in the City Code) are purchased on the basis of formal, competitive, sealed bids which are issued in accordance with the terms of the Solicitation or Invitation. Solicitations may take the form of RFPs, RFBs, RFIs or a less formal RFQ or any other industry accepted form of Solicitation.
A minimum of three vendors must comprise any Solicitation above the $2,500 threshold. The City Manager or his designee may, in case of emergency, waive competitive bidding requirements and direct the Purchasing Agent to purchase directly those goods or services whose immediate procurement is essential to the life, health, welfare, safety or convenience of the City.