Vendor Responsibility

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    Annual Public Solid Waste Authority Meeting

    The City of Alcoa has scheduled a Public Solid Waste Authority Meeting from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday March 20, 2024. Read on...
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    Brush and Bulky Waste Requirements

    The City of Alcoa Public Works and Engineering (PW&E) Department is requesting aid from the public to adhere to existing brush and bulky waste removal requirements. Read on...
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  • Make sure a current and completed vendor application is on file with the Purchasing and Warehousing Division.
  • Make sure your business name is placed on all desired bid lists.
  • Notify the Purchasing and Warehousing Division of any name, telephone or address change or changes in product or services offered.
  • Read all detailed specifications and bid documents, and comply with all instructions and required conditions. Any addition, deviation or omission may be grounds for disqualification.
  • Bidders and vendors who do not fully understand a request should contact the Purchasing and Warehousing Division and ask for an explanation from the buyer or supervisor of the item in question.
  • Quote firm contract prices only. The bid price shall be for complete installation or delivery, ready for owner's use, and shall include all applicable freight and installation charges, except where otherwise provided.
  • Submit bids/proposals or written quotes on forms supplied by the Purchasing and Warehousing Division except as otherwise expressly authorized in writing.
  • Make sure an original signature of an authorized representative of the firm is on the Request for Quotation (RFQ) or Bid/Proposal Sheet forms.
  • Submit formal bids/proposals to the Purchasing and Warehousing Division, 725 Universal St. Alcoa, TN 37701, before bid opening time - failure to do so will result in bid being returned unopened.
  • Provide the proper quality of product. When submitting an alternate product, the bidder shall clearly identify the product as an alternate by crossing out the product specified and typing or printing the word "alternate" and entering the unit price and the extension in the same manner as bidding upon the specified product, and further will include brochures describing the alternate. Bid only those alternates equal to the items specified.
  • Provide a reasonable and competitive price.
  • Provide, upon request, a schedule for delivery of items or services.
  • Fill all orders promptly and accurately. If you are experiencing problems in filling orders/ contact and advise the appropriate buyer immediately of the problem so that mutually agreeable solution can be worked out.
  • Provide information on new products, processes materials, and provide demonstrations or sample when requested.
  • Review previous bid documents and letter quotes to determine requirements and prices.
  • Respond to all bids, even if it is a no-bid. Failure to respond will eventually lead to removal from the bid list.
  • Submit all necessary documents requested in the bid (catalogs, bid sheet forms, affidavits, licenses, etc.).
  • Submit samples as requested in the bid.
  • Sign and carefully review all bid documents. If in doubt about what documents require a signature or are to be completed and returned to the City, contact the appropriate buyer. An unsigned or incomplete bid is considered a non-responsive bid and will not be considered for award.
  • Timely submit invoices that contain all of the information necessary for Accounts Payable to expeditiously process payment.
  • Don't bid on contracts that your company cannot complete or cannot obtain the necessary bond for.
  • Don't qualify a bid in a manner contrary to the terms and conditions of the bid document. Example: If a bid specifies a one year contract period, don't bid on a six month period.
  • Don't supply misleading information.
  • Don't ask to change your bid prices after a bid has been submitted.
  • Absolutely no parole evidence will be allowed once a Solicitation is in force. Any adjustment in bid specifications shall be at the sole desecration of the City of Alcoa and any change will be handled as a formal Addendum to the bid. All Addenda are the responsibility of the bidder after said notification has been published. The lack of vendor notification in no way restricts the City of Alcoa in determining whether the bidder is either Responsible or Responsive.