Food and Craft Vendors



Food, Non-Alcoholic Beverages, Ice Cream Products, Approved Novelty Items, Approved Artisanal Items, Approved Craft Items, Approved Handmade Items


 Food vendors must provide the City of Alcoa with a copy of their Certificate of Insurance stating the limits of liabilities with the City of Alcoa added as an additional insured for June 24, 2023. The minimum limit of liability is $1,000,000.


  • The City of Alcoa does require that you limit your sales to the product(s) approved on your application. NO EXCEPTIONS! If you attempt to sell an item not listed on your application, you will be asked to stop or leave.
  • Vendors shall be solely responsible for paying all sales taxes due to the State of Tennessee and securing all licenses and permits.
  • Food items may only be sold from the assigned vending booth site or by an approved strolling vendor.
  • Due to anticipated vehicular and pedestrian traffic in the area, all food and vendors must check in and have equipment on site no later than 5:00 p.m. and may not depart before 11:00 p.m. Vendors may break down at any time, but due to road closures and pedestrian traffic, will not be able to drive and pick up those items before 11:00 p.m.
  • If a vendor shows up later than 5:00 p.m. for set up, the Public Information Officer reserves the right to refuse check-in due to increasing foot traffic. 
  • Sales may begin after setup. For safety before and during the fireworks display, all sales must end and lighting turned off no later than 9:30 p.m.   Vendors may resume sales at the end of the fireworks show. All sales must end at 11:00 p.m. 


  • Vendors must abide by all applicable regulations, fire rules, and sanitation laws (proper grease disposal, etc.), including Blount County Health Department Guidelines and City of Alcoa Code Enforcement Guidelines. 
  • LP GAS/PROPANE TANKS – Each food vendor using LP Gas/Propane tank(s) must pass inspection by the City of Alcoa Fire Marshall. Inspections will take place on June 24, 2023, from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Maximum size for cylinder shall be 125 pounds.  A maximum of two (2) cylinders per site will be allowed. All cylinders shall be secured in the upright position to prevent accidental tipping and shall be protected from vehicular traffic. 
  • The Fire Marshall will inspect all booths - Fire extinguishers are required if the following conditions exist - In all booths where cooking operations are performed, fire extinguishers of the appropriate type and size shall be made available for use in the event of a fire. All fire extinguishers must be a minimum of 2-A:10-B: C 5 LBS. All fire extinguishers shall be tagged and certified by a state-licensed fire protection company and shall be in current compliance.    
  • All cooking operations shall be performed with safety as a top priority. Cooking performed with an open flame shall not be done under tents or close to combustible materials. Safeguards shall be taken to ensure that hot surfaces are not close to the general public. All hot embers including, but not limited to wood and charcoal shall be properly disposed of before the vendor leaves the site. No hot embers shall be allowed to be in contact with grass or vegetation in any manner either while cooking or after cooking operations have been terminated.    


  • The FreedomFest 2023 site is limited in the number of electrical outlets available. It is imperative that an itemized list of all equipment to be used (with wattage and amp requirements for each) be listed correctly on the application. There is a limited 220-volt service available. Electricity may be provided only if noted on the application. Vendors shall have ample heavy-duty, minimum 12-gauge copper extension cords with no splices and no longer than 100' for the 120-volt service. Please ensure they are in good condition. Hardtail hookups are not allowed.  All plugs must have OSHA-approved ends. All electrical outlets are of the GFCI type. Please check to see if your equipment will operate on a GFCI before coming to the FreedomFest site. No exceptions will be made regarding the safety of the public. Generators are allowed and must be out from under the vendor’s tent and fit into the designated space. Attached is a picture of the Duck Pond electrical boxes showing the outlets available. If you have a plug that will not fit one of these outlets, you must advise the City in advance or else electricity may not be available to you. If a vendor requires installation of any special fixtures, plugs, etc. – they will be responsible for installation and removal of the same, scheduling of inspections, etc. 


  • The Blount County Health Department requires each vendor to supply their own hot and cold-water supply. They will accept pots of hot and cold water. Vendors are responsible for providing their supply. If your equipment does not have running water, please bring some means of storing and heating your water. The City of Alcoa will not be held responsible.
  • No sanitary sewer service will be provided to vendors. A greywater dump will not be available. 
  • Vendors must provide their ice. 


  • Trash receptacles will be provided. Trash must be bagged, and all vendors are required to supply their garbage bags. All vendors will be responsible for site cleanup and removal of surplus products, equipment, oil, boxes, pallets, etc. NOTE: Failure to remove equipment/trash by the time required will result in impoundment and/or disposal by the City of Alcoa. The vendor will be imposed a $500.00 penalty and will not be considered for future events.


  • The vendor area has changed. The food vendor area is now located along Marconi Boulevard after the Springbrook Road intersection and ends before the bridges. The craft vendor area will be located on Springbrook road at Faraday Street along the pool fence line. 
  • Fees – 
    • Food Vendors: A booth site is $250 for a 20’ x 20’ spot. Vendors requiring additional space may rent a second booth for $125.00. 
    • “Strolling vendors” or “Cart vendors”: The fee for vendors not confined to a physical location will be $225.00 for up to two (2) strollers or two (2) carts. All strolling and cart vendors will be issued identification that is required to be visible at all times. 
      • Vendors with a cart setup shall remain at the site assigned and may not move their cart to a different location.
    • Craft Vendors: A booth site is $100 for a 12’ x 12’ spot. Vendors requiring additional space may rent a second booth for $75.00.
  • Vendors may set up booths between 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 24, 2023, with all vehicles removed from the site by 5:00 p.m. Vendor parking is located nearby. Sales may begin upon the completion of setup and continue until 11:00 p.m. For the safety of the vendors and public, OPERATIONS MUST CEASE from 9:30 p.m. until the completion of the fireworks show, after which vendors may again operate until no later than 11:00 p.m. Operations will cease at 11:00 p.m.  
  • Food vendors may not begin breakdown before 10:00 p.m. All vehicles and equipment must be removed from the event site by midnight.  
  • Vendors must contain all equipment, supplies, and storage within their space. 
    • Nothing may be hung on or attached to trees, utility poles, street signposts, etc. 
    • Booths must be of sound construction, free-standing, and must not obstruct others. 
    • Parking for vendors will be nearby. 
    • Parking permits will be sent with your confirmation notice and must be visible. 
  • Do not ask FreedomFest 2023 to hold checks as fees are deposited upon receipt. Fees must be paid in advance to be considered for participation in FreedomFest 2023 and must be in the form of a check or money order. 
  • The application process has changed. DO NOT submit a check or money order with the application. All applications must be postmarked on or before March 31, 2023. You MUST receive application approval first. Once approved, money will be due 10 days after the approval notice. You will receive advance notice of approval or denial on or before April 6, 2023. 
  • If you are selected but decide not to participate, you must notify Emily Assenmacher, Public Information Officer, 223 Associates Blvd., Alcoa, TN 37701-1948 in writing no later than May 19, 2023. Refunds will not be made after this date for any reason.  
  • FreedomFest 2023 reserves the right to refuse any application and to withdraw acceptance of any application under which circumstances the vendor’s booth fees will be refunded. FreedomFest 2023 reserves the right to restrict or prohibit any activities determined by the FreedomFest staff to interfere with public access and/or event programming, or which will reflect poorly on the overall event.


FreedomFest 2023 is a rain-or-shine event. Vendors should be prepared to continue in the case of light rain. In the case of heavy rain, FreedomFest 2023 will consider electrical hazards, logistical requirements, vendors’ needs, and the requirements of performing artists in making any decision about the suspension or cancellation of any part or the entire event. No refunds will be made due to inclement weather, any other cause that is beyond the control of FreedomFest 2023, or the vendors’ decision not to participate. 


For a printable copy of the regulations, please click here.