Animal Control

The Alcoa Police Department has one animal control officer who provides coverage 8 hours a day, five days a week and on an emergency call-out basis.

Animal Control Contact

Alcoa residents needing assistance with an animal control issue should call the Communications Center at 865-983-3620, or, if it is an emergency, 911.

Legal Vaccination Requirements

What the law / city ordinance requires:

  1. As soon as your dog or cat is three months old, you must take it to a veterinarian for its first rabies shot. The veterinarian will issue a tag and a certificate of vaccination, both having the same registration number.
  2. Put the tag on the animal´s collar as proof that the dog or cat is vaccinated. In addition, it will help reunite you with your pet if it is ever lost or impounded. The animal should wear its tag whenever it is outside your home.
  3. Keep the certificate of vaccination because it is proof that your dog or cat has been protected against rabies. Dogs and cats often loose their collars and/or tags. The certificate is your proof of vaccination.
  4. Take your pet for a rabies shot once a year or every three years (dependent on the type of vaccination administered. Ask your veterinarian about this). 

Pet Adoption

Dogs and cats who are unclaimed by their owners may be adopted at the shelter. Any person who adopts an animal from the shelter will be provided a voucher, good for six months, for a rabies vaccination and spay or neuter at a selected veterinarian clinic.