Planning and Codes

Important Information

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Do I need a Building Permit: New Construction; Demolition; Deck Installation; Addition; etc.

Planning Services

Staff coordinates all non-residential site development projects, including those for multi-family dwelling units, from start to finish. Projects are guided by facilitating a Development Review Team made up of departmental staff representing planning, building codes, fire, engineering, electric and new service. Upon completion of a project, and having satisfied departmental requirements, a certificate of occupancy will be issued by the building official or codes enforcement officer.

Codes Services

Staff assists customer’s with questions regarding new construction, additions, repairs, remodeling, walk-through and permitting procedures; provides information regarding foundation surveys, elevation certificates for floodplain areas, and permitting procedures for construction of principal and accessory structures, including swimming pools, decks, fences and accessory structures; investigates citizen complaints regarding overgrown lots, housing conditions, abandoned vehicles and procedures for compliance thereof.