Who can I call if I have any questions?

Residents can learn more about acceptable and unacceptable materials at the Waste Connections website, linked below. Questions may also be directed to Alcoa's Sanitation Services Division at 865-380-4800. For missed collections, please call Waste Connections at (865) 522-8161.  

Waste Connections of Tennessee Website

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1. What is single-stream recycling?
2. How much does single-stream recycling cost?
3. Why use single-stream recycling?
4. I shred my junk mail. Is that ok?
5. What if I have broken glass? Can I put that in my bin?
6. How do I know if my plastic is a 1 or a 7, and what difference does it make?
7. What are the different kinds of plastics?
8. Is there anything I can’t recycle?
9. Can I recycle containers that have had such things as insecticides, herbicides, motor oil and additives, antifreeze, Clorox and other household cleaners in them?
10. Who can I call if I have any questions?