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Application for Exemption: Residential Curbside Garbage Collection & Recycling

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  2. The City of Alcoa will offer special assistance to qualifying residents for the collection of solid waste and recyclable materials. In general, special assistance will be provided the following residents:
    1. Any person over 75 years of age that desires assistance

    2. Any person with a handicap-parking permit and with no other non-disabled or non-physically limited resident capable of transporting the cart or bin to the street

    3. Those granted special approval for assistance for reason of medical, physical, restricted strength, or other reasonable limitation

    4. Those granted special approval due to topography, scope, distance or other physical conditions
  3. Include Street, House Number, Apartment Number, etc.
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  6. If over 75 years of age, please indicate date of birth.
  7. Applicants may attach a note from a medical doctor.
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