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1. What are the office hours of the Alcoa Police Department?
2. Where is the Alcoa Police Department?
3. How do I obtain a copy of a crime or accident report?
4. How long before a police report is available?
5. When can I be fingerprinted for job applications, permits, etc?
6. My car was towed. What do I have to do to get it back?
7. Whom do I speak with regarding a parking ticket or traffic ticket that I received?
8. Does Alcoa have a curfew for juveniles?
9. How do I recover found/held property?
10. How do I obtain a Tennessee background check?
11. Does a sex offender live in my neighborhood?
12. How Do I Renew My Driver’s License?
13. How do I get to the Blount County Justice Center?
14. How do I get to the Drivers License Testing Center in Blount County?
15. What is the Tennessee Child Restraint Law?
16. How can I request speed enforcement in my neighborhood?
17. When is it appropriate to call 9-1-1?