Municipal Court

All court dates through Friday, January 29, 2021 have been suspended by 
the State of Tennessee Executive Order 70.  
Dates have been reset and letters mailed to those affected.
All court times are at 3:00 p.m. and meet at the 
City of Alcoa Public Safety Building at 2020 N. Wright Rd. in Alcoa,TN.
If you did not receive a letter advising you of your new court date or have any questions, 
call 865-981-4111.
The City of Alcoa Municipal Court is a non-custodial court that hears traffic violations and municipal ordinance violations that occurred within the City of Alcoa. Court is open every Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. (closed on holidays). Attorney Allen Bray has been the sitting Judge since 1972. 

Contested Docket

If a person receives a citation and would like to contest the citation, the court has two contested dockets per month where contested citations are heard. The individual would then contact the Court Clerk for scheduling. Please call 865-981-4111 for assistance.
Municipal Court Judge Bray and Clerk Breeden

Quick Facts

  • During 2015, there were 5,037 cases on the docket.
  • The police department provides security for the court with an officer being trained in Court Security.
  • The court is compliant with all aspects of the American’s with Disabilities Act and provides accommodations for anyone who requests it.

Traffic Citation Payments

We now provide an online payment method for traffic citations.
To pay your traffic citiation online please click here: 
                             Traffic Citation Payments

Court Clerk Breeden