About the Department


The Mission of the City of Alcoa Fire Department is to protect the community from all hazards and serve with excellence.  


Serving with Courage, Pride & Honor


      • Empathy
        have compassion for one another and those we serve.
      • Professionalism
        showing a love for the job by acting with pride, ownership, and passion.
      • Unity
        operational consistency through communication and community involvement.
      • Integrity
        loyally serve our community and each other with honesty and professionalism.
      • Respect
        for our co-workers, ourselves, and especially our customers.

Afd group

Top Row: Left to Right:  Firefighter Alex Steele, Firefighter Jeremy Hendrix, Firefighter Angel Friant,  Engineer Shane Rogers, Firefighter Lee Paine, Engineer Dan Harris, Firefighter Evan Underwood, Firefighter Ben Tatham, Firefighter Luke Sanderson, Firefighter Dan Porter, Firefighter Jacob Wenger

Third Row: Left to Right: Engineer Wayman Whitehead, Engineer Jeff Paske, Engineer Mike Harrison, Engineer Kevin James, Firefighter Tim Williams, Engineer Robbie Odom, Engineer Butch Campbell, Engineer Clint Russell, Engineer Richie Storie, Engineer Blaine Howell

Second Row: Left to Right: Engineer Steve Lowe, Engineer Larry Bledsoe, Lieutenant Steve Owen, Lieutenant Tommy Wimbley, Lieutenant Mike Burton, Lieutenant Thomas Crisp, Lieutenant Kevin Freeman, Lieutenant Jake Smithson, Engineer Scott Woods, Engineer Keith Fuller

Bottom Row: Left to Right: Fire Marshal Colin Hurst, Administrative Captain Bill Smock, Deputy Chief Darren Stinnett, Chief Roger Robinson, City Manager Mark Johnson, Administrative Assistant Theresa Ward, Captain Mike Berry, Captain Paul Walker, Captain Tom Clark